Weird Things You Should Know About Your Birthstone

The stone was deemed wearable only by members of the royal family-or those lucky nobles to whom royals gave the stone as a gift...

Have you heard that birthstones have healing abilities? 


Keep winter blues at bay with the healing powers of January's fiery red stone.(Stone: Garne)

Where It's Found: All over the world. But unlike other gemstones, garnets aren't mined underground-they're typically found as pebbles in rivers and streams.

Nickname: Warrior's StoneFruity Origins: "Garnet" derives from the Latin word granatum, meaning seed-inspired by the stone's resemblance to the inside of a pomegranate.Gross, but True: One of the largest garnets, known as the "Subway Garnet" or the Kunz Garnet, was found in 1885 underneath New York City during a sewer excavation. It weighs nine pounds, is about 430 million years old, and you can see it at the American Museum of Natural History.
Month: January, Color: Mostly deep red, but can also be found in a rainbow of colors. Healing Powers: Promotes romantic love and passion. ;)


February's stone is a symbol of deep love-aka the perfect excuse to buy yourself a Valentine's Day gift (Stone: Amethyst)

Where It's Found: Zambia, Brazil, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Siberia, Canada, India, Bolivia, Argentina, and the U.S.

Nickname: Jewel of the GodsAncient Beliefs: "Amethyst" derives from the Greek word for "not drunk." The stone was believed to keep the wearer clear-headed by warding off the intoxicating powers of Bacchus, the god of wine.Dream Catcher: Ahlamah, the Hebrew word for amethyst, means "dream." The purple quartz was said to cause visions-and if you have a vision featuring an amethyst it means you're protected from danger.
Month: February, Color: Ranges from light lavender to deep violet., Healing Powers: Reduces insomnia and helps with meditatio Om.n.

Stone: Aquamarine,

Where It's Found: The majority of aquamarines are found in Brazil.

Safety First: Ancient Greeks and Romans believed aquamarine to be the treasure of mermaids, so sailors carried the gem with them across the sea to ensure safe travels. Hot Topic: When aquamarine is heated, the green undertones disappears to reveal a pure, light blue.Psychic Energy: In the Middle Ages, aquamarine was cut into crystal balls for gazing into the future. Queen Elizabeth I's own astrologer, Dr. John Dee, used the stone to figure out the best day for her coronation.
Month: March, Color: Barely-there light blue to a bluish-green shade.Healing Powers: Fear no more! Aquamarine clears the mind and calms the nerves.

April showers feel less dreary when you have a shiny rock to brighten your day.(Stone: Diamond)

Where It's Found: Russia is the top producing country of diamonds-or should we say алмаз.

Write This Down: Diamonds are made of pure carbon, which, when arranged in a different molecular formation, creates graphite. Yep, the kind found in pencils.Dig Deeper: It takes billions of years for diamonds to form from pressure about 100 miles beneath earth's surface. Then, volcanic activity is needed to push them upward so they're reachable for excavation. That might help explain the price.Consider Some Color: While clear diamonds may be the most classic of the gem, blue, green, orange, and red diamonds are the rarest. The Hope Diamond, a 45.52-carat blue gem that once belonged to Marie Antoinette and now resides at the Smithsonian Museum, is rumored to be cursed.
Month: April, Color: Variety of shades-but the commonly known diamonds are colorless and transparent. Healing Powers: Works as an energy amplifier and promotes prosperity.


Born in May? Lucky you-emeralds are thought to bring good fortune.(Stone: Emerald)

Where It's Found: Colombia is the world's largest producer of emeralds, followed by Zambia.

Better Than Sunglasses: The Roman Emperor Nero is said to have watched gladiator matches through an emerald to shield his eyes from the glare of the sun. Pretty Hurts: Most emeralds have inclusions, a.k.a imperfections. It's actually extremely rare to find a natural emerald without flaws. (We can't relate.)Steady Target: The Romans believed that emerald represented Venus, the Goddess of Love. It was the favorite stone of couples and lovers, giving Cupid a better chance at striking an arrow.
Month: May, Color: Vibrant green, Healing Powers: Emerald is thought to stimulate the heart chakra, bringing about emotional wellness.

June babies, the world is your oyster when you're wearing your signature gem.(Stone: Pearl)

Where It's Found: Almost all species of shelled mollusks are capable of producing pearls, but South Sea pearls-the most valuable variety-come from the Pinctada maxima oyster, which is found off the coasts of Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. 

Breakfast of Champions: Kokichi Mikimoto, the inventor of cultured pearls, had a very fancy morning ritual: He swallowed two pearls every morning, believing they aided with longevity. Danger Zone: In the late 19th century and early 20th century, the mortality rate for pearl divers was as high as 50 percent; shark attacks and the crippling effects of the bends were their biggest threats.#VeryRare: Even with modern cultivation practices, South Sea pearls are still hard to come by. For comparison, the annual weight of diamond production is about ten times greater than that of the yearly Australian South Sea pearl harvest.
Month: June, Color: White is the most common color, but black, pink, purple, blue, gold, and brown pearls also occur naturally.

So long barbecues and fireworks-July has another (fancier) red-hot crowd pleaser.(Stone: Ruby)

Where It's Found: All over the world-but it's still very rare. Rubies can be spotted in Myanmar, Africa, Australia, and the U.S.It's Not What You Think: Ruby is actually a type of sapphire.

Both are corundum minerals, and the only difference is in color: The deep blue and rich red stones qualify as rubies.That's Hot: Rubies can be heated up to improve the color and remove any internal imperfections.The Real Deal: The first synthetic rubies were made in 1837, and are generally seen as "more perfect" than natural rubies. Natural and synthetic rubies are extremely hard to tell apart, but are generally valued the same-so who's counting?
Month: July, Color: Bright red to deep burgundy. Healing Powers: Aids in controlling emotions and bringing happiness

For when you need an extra burst of light on a hot August day.(Stone: Peridot)

Where It's Found: The U.S., specifically in New Mexico and Arizona.In a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Some elements of peridot have been discovered in meteorites that have fallen to Earth. Not only that, but Peridot has been found in its most basic form, olivine, on Mars and the moon.

And a Little Closer to Home: Peridot is one of two gems that have been found to form in the mantle of Earth. They rise to the surface by way of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Geology, man.The Gem of the Sun: It's no coincidence that peridot is associated with August as well as the fire sign of Leo. Ancient Egyptians called it the "Gem of the Sun," and the stone has always been associated with light.
Month: August Color: Lime to olive green, Healing Powers: Strengthens relationships


Enhance the late-summer September breeze with the cool blue of sapphire.(Stone: Sapphire)

Where It's Found: Only a few locations in the world, three of them being Australia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.

Record Breaking: The Millennium Sapphire, which is the largest sapphire ever, was designated as the largest carved sapphire in 2001, by Guinness World Records. Steve Jobs-Approved: Certain models of Apple Watches use sapphire glass as the face. Since the gem is so strong, it can help prevent scratches and chips. Coat our iPhones in sapphire, please! Sunset in a Gem: There are rare color-changing sapphires that alter in hue depending on the lighting. It looks like a sunset, the kind that varies in shades of pink, blue, and violet.
Month: September, Color: Ranges from pure white to a rich, royal blue.creativ, Healing Powers: Helps you get into a flow and express yourself.

October's very own.(Stone: Opal)

Where It's Found: Ninety percent of the world's opals are produced in Australia.Outer-Space Survivor: Other than peridot, opal is the only other gemstone found outside of Earth. In 2008, NASA released that a formation, similar to opal, was found on Mars-which means water definitely exists on the red planet.

Rain Drop, Cool Top: Speaking of water, the opal looks the way it does because of raindrops fallin' on its head. The gem sucks out the moisture, and then a substance called silica is left behind, causing the far-out color scheme.Cracks Under Pressure: Turns out the opal is pretty damn delicate, as it is prone to crazing-meaning it can crack unexpectedly due to dehydration and sensitivity to light. Sounds like us on a stressful Monday morning, tbh.
Month: October, Color: Flashes iridescent colors when viewed from different angles.Healing Powers: You'll never doubt your instincts again.

Comes in just as many brilliant colors as there are leaves in November.(Stone: Topaz)

The Ural and Ilmen mountains in Russia.Only Happy Thoughts: When worn as a necklace, topaz was once believed to drive away sadness and strengthen the mind.

Something Old, Something New: Love is in the air and wedding season is approaching! Gift the couple with "something blue," as topaz represents loyalty, friendship, and faithfulness.Bow Down: A pink topaz was discovered in Russian mines in the 19th century. The stone was deemed wearable only by members of the royal family-or those lucky nobles to whom royals gave the stone as a gift.
Month: November, Color: Yellow to light blue.Healing Powers: Keeps you humble.Where It's Found:

December's stone is the most classic jewelry ornament.(Stone: Turquoise)

Where It's Found: Areas with dry climates such as Nevada and Mexico.

Very Much Timeless: Turquoise has been found in Egyptian tombs from 6,000 years ago, was mined in Persia 4,000 years ago, and was incorporated into art by Native Americans as early as 2,000 years ago. Be Careful With Cosmetics: As it's super-sensitive to chemicals, turquoise jewelry should be the last accessory you put on (i.e., after applying makeup or spritzing on perfume), or you run the risk of discoloring the stone!Enter the Matrix: Turquoise jewelry often contains the host rock that originally surrounded the turquoise stone. This is called "matrix," and gives turquoise pieces unique patterns and idiosyncrasies.
Month: December, Color: Aqua blue/teal, Healing Powers: Will help you stay true to yourself and remain balanced.


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Lifestyle Magazine: Weird Things You Should Know About Your Birthstone
Weird Things You Should Know About Your Birthstone
The stone was deemed wearable only by members of the royal family-or those lucky nobles to whom royals gave the stone as a gift...
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